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DH Tech: Providing temporary climate control solutions.

“Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Dehumidification Technologies (DH Tech) provides temporary climate control solutions to three industry segments: industrial, construction and water damage remediation. 

DH Tech provides the highest quality equipment for every job. In fact, we design and manufacture all our equipment. This means our sales team can expertly and efficiently provide the best, most economical solution to any climate control issue and our technicians can provide top-notch service from installation to maintenance to repair.

Our twenty-four-hour “on call” service means we will respond to any equipment issue anywhere a project is located in a timely manner. DH Tech has locations across the U.S. and internationally in Canada, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. 

Our ownership works together with management, sales and operations to deliver unparalleled customer service. Our record includes thousands of successfully completed projects where DH Tech has worked with the customer to create a cost-effective solution for any drying or dehumidification situation.