Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Refrigerant dehumidification units use refrigerant to cool coils below the dew point and as air passes over the coils, moisture condenses out of the air. This type of dehumidifier can remove large amounts of water from the air in hot, humid climates and can be used to cool the inside of tanks, containments, and vessels to meet OSHA regulations.

DeHumidification Technologies, LP offers dehumidifiers with a fused disconnect and internal breakers to protect the equipment and power source from electrical surges and other instances that could potentially cause damage.

Refrigerant-style dehumidifiers include:

Rental Refrigerant Dehumidifier Specifications

Model No. Power Requirements Dimensions Weight
Volt Phase Amps Length Width Height
6 Ton 480 V three-phase 15 A (Cooling Only)/50 A (Cooling and Heating) 8 ft 3.6 ft 3.8 ft 1100 lbs
12.5 Ton 480 V three-phase 25 A (Cooling Only)/90 A (Cooling and Heating) 8 ft 5.8 ft 5.2 ft 1500 lbs
25 Ton 480 V three-phase 65 A (Cooling Only)/160 A (Cooling and Heating) 12.3 ft 8 ft 5.4 ft 3900 lbs
50 Ton 480 V three-phase 115 A (Cooling Only) /224 A (Cooling and Heating) 20 ft 8 ft 7.6 ft 7700 lbs
80 Ton 480 V three-phase 225 A (Cooling Only) 18 ft 8 ft 8 ft 8600 lbs

* Note: Some equipment has been modified and the above specifications may vary due to years manufactured and custom project requirements.

6 Ton Refrigerant-Style

12.5 Ton Refrigerant-Style

25 Ton Refrigerant-Style

50 Ton Refrigerant-Style

80 Ton Refrigerant-Style

Small dehumidifiers provide moisture control in small areas using minimal power requirements.

DH-200 Max L.G.R. Dehumidifier Specifications

Spot Cooler

Spot Coolers are portable air conditioners that are ideal for quickly cooling down specific areas.

Key features: