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Distribution Panels

DH Tech’s distribution panels can be used with transformers to step down 480 V power to 110V outlets for lights, tools, etc. Distribution panels are also used to feed multiple pieces of equipment into one power source with separate breakers. Large amounts of amperage can be wired into the distribution panel and then distributed to multiple units on their own breakers to ensure safe and effective power sourcing.

High Static Pressure Electric Blowers

Electric blowers can be used to blow air through heaters, cooling coils, add positive pressure to a building, or add static pressure to an existing airflow pushing air longer distances.

High Static Pressure Electric Blowers Specifications

Model No.Power RequirementsDimensionsWeight
3000 cfm480 VThree-phase10 A3 ft3 ft2 ft500 lb
5000 cfm480 VThree-phase20 A3 ft3 ft2 ft650 lb
10000 cfm480 VThree-phase30 A3 ft4 ft2 ft800 lb


The transformers in our rental fleet are used to transform voltage from one circuit to another. In some cases, the available power on-site is 240 volts while the dehumidifiers require 480 volts. We would then use a transformer to step up the voltage from the power supply from 240 volts to 480 volts to efficiently run the equipment.

Transformers Specifications

Model No. Dimensions Weight
Length Width Height
45 KVA 1.5 ft 2 ft 2 ft 100 lbs
112.5 KVA 2.5 ft 2 ft 2 ft 150 lbs
176 KVA 2.5 ft 2 ft 2 ft 200 lbs

* Note: Some equipment has been modified and the above specifications may vary due to years manufactured and custom project requirements.

Air Mover

Air movers aid in water damage recovery by providing efficient drying power. The lightweight and compact design allows for easy handling. Multiple air movers can be set up in different directions to speed up your drying time.

Flexible Ducting

Duct comes in many different sizes to help distribute air throughout the area for your project. Our standard sizes include:

High Temperature Ducting

Our SRT fabric has excellent tear and tensile strengths with chemical and UV resistance; it can withstand temperatures reaching 325°F.

Contact us for a complete list of sizes of our high temperature ducting.

Layflat Ducting
6 mil Layflat Ducting

Other sizes and lengths are available.

Power Cable

S/O power cable and camlock cable are sized to handle the power requirements of each individual piece of equipment or dehumidifier. Cable comes in many sizes and lengths to give our customer flexibility to use power from many different distances. We can provide different lengths of power cable to meet the needs of your project.