Electric In-line Heaters ​

DeHumidification Technologies, LP offer heaters that are used to increase the temperature inside a space for coating applications, industrial coating curing or worker comfort. High Temp Precision heaters control a stable outlet temperature. Electric heaters have multiple banks of heat to increase or decrease the outlet temperature and can be used in-line with dehumidification or in-line with a high static blower.​

Model No. Power Requirements Dimensions Weight
Volt Phase Amps Length Width Height
15 kw 480 V three-phase 18.2 A 2 ft 2.5 ft 2 ft 50 lbs
30 kw 480 V three-phase 36 A 3 ft 2.5 ft 2 ft 50 lbs
60 kw 480 V three-phase 72 A 4 ft 2.5 ft 2 ft 100 lbs
150 kw 480 V three-phase 182 A 5 ft 2.5 ft 2 ft 150 lbs

Indirect Fire Heaters

Indirect fire heaters allow you to heat a confined space for coating applications, coating curing, and worker comfort without adding moisture to the space. Indirect fire heaters have the option of running on diesel, propane or natural gas and keep dangerous fumes out of the work area.

Name BTU Power Requirements Fuel Size Weight
Volt Phase Amps
IDF 500 500,000 115 V single-phase 20 A Diesel 70″L x 35″W x 50″H 400 lbs
IDF 700 700,000 208 V three-phase 18.5 A Diesel/
Natural Gas
36″L x 60″W x 107″ H 944 lbs
IDF 2 mil 2,000,000 480 V three-phase 10 A Diesel 179″L x 48″W x 118″ H 3400 lbs
IDF 2 mil 2,000,000 480 V three-phase 30 A Diesel “L x “W x “H lbs

* Note: Some equipment has been modified and the above specifications may vary due to years manufactured and custom project requirements.