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“I just want to thank you and your company for all the help at our project in Delaware . It was a large project and very unusual due to it being a 24 hour medical and therapy operation . Your technicians hung the ducting from the ceiling so the staff and patients could work under normal conditions . This helped make us a hero on the job . That is why we use DH Tech.“

Project Manager

Cleanup and Restoration Company

“Over the past couple of years we have used DH Tech to provide specialty drying solutions for our larger water damage drying requirements, when conventional drying just won’t do. DH Tech consistently provided reliable, cost effective solutions and helped us and our clients achieve our goals. They are quick to respond and deliver properly sized solutions, from air movers to desiccant drying, that simply work. With each project, they bring with them qualified technicians that stay at the job site until the equipment is set up and drying has started. When we have the need to provide specialty drying, our first and only thought is to contact DH Tech.”


Cleanup and Restoration Company

“I would like to thank DH Tech for their services and equipment during the recent, successful completion of the Data Center project in Texas. We brought DH Tech in during the first phase of the project and were so pleased with their work, we brought them back for the second phase.

DH Tech offers the highest quality and on-the-spot service. Each time I called to have someone walk the jobsite, deliver, service or move equipment, DH Tech was available 24/7. The quick response and quality personnel go a long way. In addition to the paramount customer service, DH Tech provides quality equipment for every job to keep your project going. Equipment we could trust to get us through the job.

In the future, I’ll always look to DH Tech to satisfy our humidity and temperature control needs. Their people and equipment cannot be matched in this industry.”


Mechanical Contractor