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Desiccant dehumidification units pass air through a rotating desiccant impregnated wheel, which is continuously regenerated or re-dried, to depress the dew point. Desiccant dehumidification allows for aggressive drying and the ability to control humidity in very large spaces, holding the blast for extended periods of time.

DeHumidification Technologies, LP offers dehumidifiers with a fused disconnect and/or internal breakers to protect the equipment and power source from electrical surges and other instances that could potentially cause damage.

Rental Equipment

Rental Desiccant Dehumidifiers Specifications

Model No.Power RequirementsDimensionsWeight
DH-600480 VThree-phase18 AN/A5 ft2 ft5 ft500 lb
DH-1000240/480 VThree-phase52/28.5 AN/A4.7 ft2.5 ft5 ft730 lb
DH-2000240/480 VThree-phase82.1/55.1 A8.1 A5 ft3 ft6 ft904 lb
DH-3500480 VThree-phase80 A12.5 A8 ft4 ft7 ft1850 lb
DH-4500/DH-5000480 VThree-phase107 A20 A13.7 ft5 ft6.3 ft2080 lb
DH-6500480 VThree-phase168.1 A16.9 A9.4 ft4 ft6.6 ft2250 lb
DH-10000480 VThree-phase256 A30 A11.5 ft5.5 ft6.5 ft3260 lb
DH-12000480 VThree-phase279 A49 A12.5 ft6.5 ft7.2 ft3500 lb

* Note: Some equipment has been modified and the above specifications may vary due to years manufactured and custom project requirements.